Hi there! I’m a photographer serving Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding areas. I’ve been photographing since high school, which is far longer than I should probably admit (ok, it was 1999). I have a hard-working husband and two adorable, sanity-testing offspring—affectionately nick-named Turbo Tot and Sassy Pants. I get by on coffee, wine and constant motion. I should also warn you that I’m a hugger.


Virginia lifestyle photographer specializing in family, boudoir, and bridal portraiture in Chesterfield, Richmond and surrounding areas.

Why do we invest in photography? I do because I want to capture these fleeting moments and hold on to them as long I can. My family has pictures taken every year because each year that my children grow, they turn a little bit more into someone else; someone new; and each new version of them is unique and beautiful and will be part of the awesome grown up individual they will become. And I want to capture each and every version of them, frozen in time before that version is gone forever.

I want to help you do the same. Every day is a new moment to capture. Every pregnancy is unique and beautiful—the only time a mother will have with her child all to herself, intimately connected. And every version of OUR constantly evolving selves is worthy of memory too. That’s why I love doing what I do, and I want to make it easy on you to have these moments to hold forever.

That’s not to say my sessions are all serious. They’re usually filled with giggles, if not cackles of laughter. I try make my sessions light and fun so the personalities can shine through. I’m easy to get along with, and I try to use that trait to keep y’all comfortable and the kids happy during your photography session.

So take a peek around and give me a call before these moments are gone.


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