A What to Wear Guide

Hello there! I was perusing Pinterest, as I do (probably far too) often and came across advice that I would love to share with you. It’s a What to Wear guide that lays out the basics beautifully!


As a photographer, and not a stylist, it’s sometimes difficult for me to be able to explain why something looks great rather than just putting the pieces together and seeing it. This post from Paint the Moon puts it all into words so wonderfully, with lovely pictures to boot!


Her basics are:


Start with a palette: perhaps even with a print, and then pull your color scheme from the print (and only one print!)


Layers and textures are your friend.


No tennis shoes unless that is specifically “the look” you’re going for—like say, grunge.


Think about where the images will be displayed.


And get comfy (especially important for kids).


You can check out everything in detail HERE.  I really love her attention to the shoes and simple prop ideas. And if you ever need me to help pick pieces out before our portrait session, just let me know! I’d be there in a heartbeat!


Happy reading!