Fall Mommy session

Mother and daughter hugging photography

Definitely one of the best things about being a photographer in Richmond is knowing some of the other amazing photographers around town and getting to trade family sessions. I had one of those sessions planned with a good photog friend of mine, Kay where we were going to catch the fall leaves and get her and her daughter together for a Mommy & Me session. We waited until the leaves were finally showing their hues, then the rains started. And stayed. It rained for nearly two week straight this fall! And we were starting to fear we’d miss the colorful leaves entirely by the time they left.

Finally, a day of sunshine rolled around, so we leapt at the chance to photograph! We both finished up our work for the day and met up in Chesterfield. Between a cranky pre-schooler and traffic, we nearly missed the light, but we still managed to catch a few sweet moments. Even the ducks decided to get in on the fun!