I know it sounds cliché, but kids grow so fast, don’t they? I mean, wasn’t it just yesterday that they were itty-bitties, full of tiny snuggles and smelly diapers. Well, ok, some things, we feel fine with leaving behind as our kids age. But mostly, we want to remember all the uniqueness of our kid as they go through each life stage.

When you invest in regular family photography, not only will you have something to look at while you cry in your empty nest, or to take with you while you travel the world knowing your grown children are off adulting masterfully, but also THEY will have something to remind them of all the love they had while growing up.

In each family session, I try to capture what is unique about your family at that moment. Whether it’s capturing the quirks your child has at this age, or the crinkle in their nose when they grin, I try to get the real thing. The things you’ll remember when they’re too big to fit in your lap anymore.

Family Sessions start at $250 and include a fully edited gallery of images and the digital files for your top 20 favorite images. Additional files and products are available for purchase. Or, book a storyteller session for $650 and you get to download the whole gallery, with print rights, and I will send you a portrait book as well!

*$75 additional fee applied for weekend sessions.