Married: Lucy and Mathew

This wedding was one for the books! I have never seen a small at-home wedding done so well! The paper flowers used to decorate the alter space turned out beautifully! They were made by the bride and her mother. The neighborhood provided a perfect park for some lovely portraits. And the weather was just lovely, even providing a wonderfully colorful sunset that I just HAD to bring the couple back out for a few more portraits.


These two were so cute together!! I have known Lucy for a few years now, having practiced Aikido (a Japanese martial art) with her down in Petersburg. So, I have to admit to being a bit of a bad influence when I mentioned pretending to cut the cake with her katana so we could get a picture to send to our sensei. The look on the guests faces was priceless!


How nice it was to get to meet her new husband and help make a big deal of their big day together!