Married: Megan & Tony

If you normally see my posts on here, you might remember Megan and Tony from their adorable engagement session last fall. Well, last week, they tied the knot at that same spot where we took their engagement portraits. Their ceremony was very short and sweet, but oh-so-lovely!! We had a bit of time planned in for their portraits throughout the day and a reveal before the ceremony!

It turned out to be a pretty chilly day. Thank you, Virginia weather, for not allowing anyone to guess whether it will be 90 degrees or 50 on any given day! This happened to be one in the 50’s. But the bride toughed it out in her strapless gown (borrowing a leather jacket here or there throughout the day). We used the same blanket from their engagement shoot for some of the portraits, and boy was she happy when that came out! But the day was as lovely as the bride, despite the chill, and sunny as could be. Tony kept her nice and warm during their evening portrait at the bride’s favorite spot behind the reception venue.


But these people are not ones to worry about the cold! There was a bon-fire waiting for them when the couple arrived at the after party where the father of the bride provided the live music with his band!

There is so much to love about this day, that I’ll just let the images do the rest of the talking. ^_^


Metcalf Photography--Richmond, Virginia Photographer
Metcalf Photography–Richmond, Virginia Photographer

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