New Pricing Structure for 2014!

Oh! The joys of starting a business! Everything is trial and error–and a lot of blog reading for advice, and scoping to find other ideas that might work better, and… you get the idea. 🙂 Here is a little insight into the dramatic change.

Every business has to account for paying its own expenses as well as paying the workers–even if the only worker is the owner. If I don’t pay myself then photography is only a self sustaining, very expensive hobby. Last year I tried to do what I thought the market demanded of me: allowing access to the image files (which I really like doing for a few different reasons) and “giving” you ALL the good images from every shoot. The problem is that I was spending hours after a shoot editing the good images, ending up with too many for my clients to choose their favorites from, and facing the dilemma of either having prices that were too high for people to pay or cutting myself way short and working for free. However, I recently saw an innovative pricing structure from another photographer and I think this will work much better for everyone involved.

The new setup is this: There are three levels, all of which allow me to choose the best of the best from your session and only edit those images. This cuts my post time in a third, allowing me to lower my prices accordingly and still provide you with stellar images.

So, if you haven’t already, please check out the new prices under the Investment tab. If you’ve been holding out on booking a shoot because of last year’s pricing structure, consider giving me a call.

Happy fall, everyone!!