Recent Boudoir Images

I have been much more active on social media lately than the blog. I blame sleep deprivation. My brain is functioning much better in images and short sentences. The perils of being a working mom! Or, you know, just being a mom. (Those little buggers of mine are too stinking cute though!)

So, I thought I would pop in here and update a little bit about some of my favorite images from the past few months, starting with Taylor’s GORGEOUS set!

Professional boudoir and portrait photography in Richmond, VA
I mean, how lovely is she??

I know Taylor personally as she is my cousin Adam’s girlfriend. We recently got closer when we spent time together at my cousin Sam’s bachelorette weekend, and I have to say, she is an intriguing person. I mean, someone THAT stunning just *has* to know it, right? But, like the rest of us, she has her doubts. So, when I wanted to do a fun session to update my portfolio (since so many of my lovely ladies prefer to keep their images private, which is perfectly acceptable!) this beauty is one I wanted in front of my lens.

Now, Taylor is an esthetician, which means she *knows* beauty. But she isn’t confident in her own. I’m hoping this set helped. And seeing someone, anyone, bloom in front of my lens, and lessen their insecurities as the session progresses is part of why I keep coming back to photographing boudoir.

So, when you’re ready to see yourself in a new light, give me a call!! I promise you won’t be disappointed. 🙂