Testing out the Strike a Pose workflow

I was recently approached to try out the new Strike a Pose workflow preset package for Adobe Lightroom and offer a review of it. I took several images from previous sessions to play around with. Some of them were in the studio, and some were taken outdoors.

My first impression of the Develop presets were that they were a bit heavy, especially on the studio images. They were less offending on the outdoor images, where there are more tones to work with, but I still didn’t like most of them. The only ones that I liked at all were the base-tone and single-item-tweak presets. Since I lean towards a very natural edit style anyway, that’s not surprising because most of my personal presets are only one or two adjustments per click.

However, where I really started having fun with this workflow was with the adjustment brush presets. I love the blush, eyeliner, and eye-color enhancement brushes. I even played around with some of the toned-haze brushes on the outdoor images.

I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with Lightroom skin adjustment options since it messes with the skin’s texture too much to make me happy, and Photoshop has so many great ways to preserve that texture, but the facial tone and detail brushes are definitely staying in my Lightroom arsenal now.


(Please note, I have not been paid for this review; I have received the product in exchange for an honest opinion.) If you would like to check them out yourself here, or follow their Pinterest Board for some editing inspiration. If you’d rather let them do all the work with the work they also offer an editing service.