Wedding Photography

You spend the better part of a year (at least!) solidly planning your wedding day. For many people, it’s something they dream about and slyly plan for years. All that effort (and expense!) is over and done with when the sun rises the next day and you will be left with TWO everlasting things: your marriage, and your photographs. That’s why hiring a photographer who is experienced and quick footed is SO important for your wedding day, because there are no do-overs.

A good photographer is your time keeper and your side-kick on the day of your wedding. They are the ones who know how to look out for the unexpected, capture it, and keep things on track. They also won’t miss a single detail out of the hundreds of little details the make your wedding day unique. I’ve photographed weddings for years, and the best part about all of it is knowing that I get to help you remember this huge day with clarity when it all becomes a fantastic and hectic blur in your memory.

Wedding Prices start at $2500 and includes a complimentary engagement session and the digital download from your wedding gallery. Heirloom Wedding Albums start at $1100.




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