What to bring to your boudoir session

So! You’ve booked your boudoir session and are wondering WHAT TO BRING. Well, you have options. 🙂

In a single word, you should bring VARIETY! Even if you booked me as a boudoir photographer (and maybe you’re saying this is for a significant other), let’s be honest: most of us don’t get gussied up for the camera everyday. So I am all in favor of you taking full advantage the AMAZING make up you’ll have on and bring more than just your skivvies.

You can bring something dressy (Have a little black dress for date nights? This is a perfect excuse to get one if you don’t!)

You can bring something basic that we can still make a little sexy (like an oversized sweater with stockings, a favorite nighty, a wrap or robe, cute t-shirt, etc)

Or bring something that just makes you feel like you! Sometimes it’s hard to tell who we’re showing off, since most of us don’t look like our everyday selves once hair and make up are done. Feel free to bring something you absolutely love for a couple of quick shots that you could use for anything!)

You can also bring something from your significant other. A button up shirt, or tie makes a great add in.

In an hour set, we can usually get 3 outfits pretty easily if things go smoothly. Feel free to bring more than you think you may need (and you can always peek through what I have at the studio as well) and we’ll make a priority list of must-do’s and if-we-have-time choices.

Richmond boudoir photography what to wear

If you have your own ideas of images you love and have them logged somewhere (like a Pinterest board), please let me know!! Seeing what catches your eye is a great way for me to get an idea of your personal aesthetic and helps set the mood for your session. If you haven’t peeked at anything else yet, you can check out my Boudoir board “LaFemme” here and we can talk about your favorites during your make up hour.